Bullfight Strategies, LLC is a Washington-based comprehensive communications strategy firm that leverages new and traditional media with strategic research, aggressive outreach, and state of the art technology platforms on behalf of candidates for public office, public figures (former politicians, business leaders, artists, authors, etc.), issue advocacy organizations, and select businesses. The firm specializes in brand management, coalition building, and organizational/individual evaluations and development, as well as in crisis communications, rapid response, media booking/pitching, and short- and long-term press planning.

The partners behind BFS have unmatched political acumen and media savvy. They are renowned experts in their field, each having contributed to game-changing and groundbreaking work over the course of their careers in communications, technology, politics, and government.

When it comes to the ever-evolving media landscape, no other firm has BFS’ depth of knowledge and experience – a track record built on years of careful study, observation and analysis of the media from every angle and at all levels, on television, on the radio, in print, online, and in social media.

Eric Burns, the immediate past president of Media Matters for America – one of the nation’s most influential issue advocacy organizations – and Karl Frisch, a former communications director and senior fellow at the organization, launched Bullfight Strategies in February 2011 to empower clients to win in the media arena by combining effective messaging with a unique understanding of how to aggressively and creatively drive successful media narratives. Burns and Frisch first joined forces in 2005 working on the House Rules Committee for Congresswoman Louise Slaughter where they spearheaded efforts to expose Republican corruption and advance Congressional ethics reform.

Burns and Frisch built the backbone behind Media Matters’ rapid response communications structure that has forever altered the political and news media landscape. Their unprecedented success in the communications arena spurred tremendous growth, taking the organization from a staff of 30 and a budget of $4 million to a staff of nearly 100 and a budget of more than $15 million in only a few short years and despite a flailing economy. On the House Rules Committee, Burns and Frisch aggressively pursued Congressional corruption offering the messaging and strategy that eventually led to the ethics reform mantra of the 2006 mid-term elections.

The duo understands the “15 minute news cycle,” how to build flexible long-term communications strategies, how to advance media narratives, and how to manage serious communications crises. Few can match the experience, innovation, and expertise that Burns and Frisch bring to the table with Bullfight Strategies.=

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