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Wednesday, April 6, 2011
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Former Media Matters President Responds to Beck's Fox News Departure

Beck "leaving in disgrace" says Burns

Washington, DC - Today, Eric Burns, the former president of Media Matters for America, released the following statement regarding Glenn Beck's departure from daily programming on Fox News.

"Glenn Beck's departure from daily Fox News programming is a win for all of those who have fought to improve the quality and civility of our public discourse," said, Eric Burns, former Media Matters president, now a communications consultant with Bullfight Strategies. "Try as he might to spin the situation, Beck will no longer have a daily television platform with which to poison the minds of his audience with violent, hateful rhetoric and fringe conspiracy theories. Make no mistake, he is leaving in disgrace."

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Thursday, February 3, 2011
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Media Matters President Departs, Launches New Firm

Burns, Frisch and Johnson announce Bullfight Strategies, a strategic communications firm leveraging their unmatched ability to interpret the media and political landscape and drive narratives in the press and online

Washington, DC — Today, Media Matters for America president Eric Burns announced his departure from the organization to launch a new strategic communications firm -- Bullfight Strategies. Media Matters contributor Karl Frisch also announced his departure to partner with Burns. They first joined forces working on the House Rules Committee for Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) where they spearheaded efforts to address Republican corruption and Congressional ethics.

Also partnering with the duo is Clay Johnson, an original co-founder of the powerhouse political Internet consultancy Blue State Digital, which provided the online tools and technology propelling President Obama into the White House. He will lead the firms efforts in building technology platforms to assist progressive communications professionals and strengthen left-leaning media infrastructure.

Burns and Frisch built the backbone behind Media Matters rapid response communications structure that has forever altered the political and news media landscape. In the House Rules Committee they aggressively pursued Republican corruption offering the messaging and strategy that eventually led to the 2006 ethics reform in Congress. Johnson, an original co-founder of Blue State Digital, is a respected pioneer of digital communications whose technical acumen is unmatched. The trio understands the 24-hour media, knows how to drive a news cycle, and has experience managing serious communications crises. Few can match the experience, innovation and expertise that Burns, Frisch, and Johnson bring to the table with Bullfight Strategies.

"The disastrous fall elections showed that progressives desperately need a different communications and media strategy utilizing new tools and new tactics to be competitive," said Burns. "Thats why I left Media Matters -- to build a firm that will empower clients to win in the media arena. The Bullfight Strategies method combines effective messaging with a unique understanding of how to aggressively and creatively drive a successful media narrative.

Bullfight Strategies will help clients to adapt and build cutting edge communications strategies to engage and succeed in the rapidly changing modern media environment. The firms partners -- Burns, Frisch, and Johnson -- offer expansive political knowledge and media expertise, each contributing to game changing communications work.

Bullfight Strategies also seeks to enhance the success and impact of progressive media. Using proprietary technology platforms and other much-needed resources, Bullfight Strategies will help left-leaning media outlets and spokespeople promote their work more effectively and efficiently. To supplement left-leaning media and fill a gaping void in the marketplace, Bullfight Strategies is working with technology specialists to develop products that benefit not only progressive media but also communications specialists working within the progressive movement.

In addition to providing progressive leaders, organizations and media with tools and consulting services, Bullfight Strategies also provides traditional media relations assistance. From press strategy to pitching, from ad production/purchasing to new media strategy, Bullfight Strategies will provide assistance and guidance on achieving traditional and non-traditional goals.

Bullfight Strategies is a Big Window Labs company, which helps Washington-based entrepreneurs create sustainable businesses.


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